Voice Over Demo Reel

My voice over demo reel contains clips from several spots showcasing a range of tone and delivery.

Ford Automotive Voice Over

Voice over for a Ford dealership touting the advanced technology and fuel efficiency of their vehicles.

Dr. Sofa Furniture VO

I never knew such a service existed until I got this voice over! I did an upbeat, conversational voice over for this one.

Sparq Explainer Voice Over

Upbeat, friendly voice over for an explainer video.

WINT Global Corporate VO

A corporate voice over with a serious, authoritative tone.

IVR Phone Voice Over

An IVR (Interactive Voice Response) on hold voice message.

Corporate Narration

I’ll provide a blend of trust and authority to convey your business’ services, products, and core values.

Explainer Excellence

Let me voice your product or service’s benefits in a way that builds trust and confidence in your potential clients.

Commercial & Promo

My conversational, guy-next-door delivery will represent your brand in a way that will resonate with consumers.

A Few Voice Over Clients

Voice Over Clients

Clif Haley Male Voice Talent

Hi there! My name is Clif Haley and I’m a professional voice over talent located near Jasper, Texas. I have a friendly, yet authoritative American male voice capable of voicing everything from serious corporate promotions to trustworthy “guy-next-door” commercials. Within the depths of my professional audio recording dungeon I’m able to produce top notch audio quality in any format with a fast turnaround. You can hire me quickly and easily by giving me a call or text at (830) 385-4364 or by filling out the handy form on the contact page. I look forward to working with you!


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